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Burger Rings

May 14, 2011

Burger Rings were such a ubiquitous part of my childhood. No birthday party was complete without them, or cheerios, or fairy bread, or a junk food induced tantrum. Oh, sweet nostalgia.

I’ve never really understood what they have to do with actual burgers though. They’re crunchy, they’re bright orange, and the taste is…well, I don’t really know how to describe it, but if you try thinking of something that’s the complete opposite of a burger, you’ll be pretty close.

At least the ‘ring’ part is accurate. That was one of the best parts about them, sticking them on your fingers and pretending they were real rings. Edible jewellery is the best! Not that I would do that now of course. I’m a grown up.

 Also, you can totally play the world’s lamest game of noughts and crosses with Burger Rings.

I win!

I decided to go for the two-layered effect with this toastie. One layer just didn’t seem enough, and I didn’t want to end up throwing a tantrum.

Using dry ingredients during toastie experiments removes the risk of leakage. However, there is always the chance of something burning, and one half-naked Burger Ring suffered second degree burns during the cooking process.

Now that’s what I call a crunchy cross-section.

Et, les innards! (as the French would say). To the untrained eye they look almost completely unchanged and unaffected by toasting.

On closer inspection, however, you will notice that the toasted Burger Ring (left) is a now darker colour than an untoasted Burger Ring (right). Intriguing. However, upon sampling the toastie it is evident that toasting is not the friend of the Burger Ring. They are now dry and taste depressingly stale. The texture is totally different, the crunch is all gone and they’re a bit tough to chew.

The taste is also pleh. The flavour has almost entirely disappeared. Could this be because of a loss of moisture during the cooking process perhaps? All I know is that I now have a toasted sandwich of stale, chewy, unflavoured orange stuff that still doesn’t taste anything like a burger.


Toastability – 2/5, no leakage means it’s easy to clean up and it smelt pretty awesome while it was cooking.

Taste – 0/5, completely unpalatable texture and where the flavour went we can only guess. Would not repeat.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s just one more thing that must be done to conclude this experiment.

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  1. Wilbur permalink
    December 18, 2012 2:22 pm

    This is fantastic! Here in Australia, Burger Rings don’t taste as good as they used too. However, I’m heading to NZ in March 2013 and I look forward to seeing if our Kiwi cousins preserved the original flavour. I also note with glee that Curlies are available across the ditch – sadly they were discontinued here many years ago.


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